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Totoro 10-Piece Figurine Set

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No no no. There is no asian privilege, stop trying to put other people on the spot.

"But the asians are making more money!!" white ppl have absolutely no idea what institutionalized privilege is omg

^^^^ They are so lost, its scary…

White people are a mess. They’ll do anything to try to look like they’re oppressed. They always want all the focus and attention on them smh. 

I hate being white. We fucking suck.

Wow, yes fox news is worth hating but literally generalizing an entire demographic of people into a negative stereotype is exactly what we’re trying to stop. Focus on the actual perpetrators, like Fox News. Hate the Fox News’ of the world, not all white people, because there are those of us that are aware and are pushing for change. Please be respectful.

This is why I keep saying this site is getting so toxic..

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What’s up Jellybro? (at Jellies @ The Manila Ocean Park)

Riding in style #whoneedscars